Sunday, October 4, 2009


Because of my bipolar, anxieties and my inability to leave my house without anti-anxiety meds, I qualify for a service monkey.

Yes, I said, monkey. Shut up.

The boy said he would run away from home if I got a monkey. He doesn't know that getting a monkey only appeals more to me after saying that. I said I LOVE my kids more than anything, but I never said I want them to LIVE with me forever - though I do miss my daughter a ton since she moved to her grandfathers but still.. a trained service monkey!

I know, I know... I hear the same things in my head. Primates are wild animals and shouldn't be domesticated, blah blah blah. My children aren't very domesticated, so how domesticated do you think I could get a monkey!

I'm having a bit of separation anxiety since my daughter moved to dads house and not being able to hold Nova and thinking about how in only 4 short years the boy will be 18 and wanting to move out too. I'm feeling the empty nest thing earlier than I suppose I should be and wanting someone to be here with me... Maybe if I had a life or a relationship maybe I wouldn't feel like this. I don't know.

This is life in the empty lane. *sighs*

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