Monday, September 28, 2009

Starting to feel more and more like myself, thankfully!! Still a bit more tired than I would like but coming around! No grand daughter yet, stubborn little chewy doesn't want to meet her mommy and daddy just yet LOL I think she'll show her beautiful face Oct 1st or 2nd. Someone tell that child her gamma is waiting impatiently for her arrival :) I can't WAIT till I get to kiss her and nibble on her little feet!

Speaking of my chewy. DIL mentioned GDiapers. Pretty cool things actually, rather expensive but possibly doable on my end to help out with the expense, if that is what she wants to use and they are cute/trendy to boot (not that I'm a big fashion/trendy person). Check them out and other great things at (thank you my friend for this site!) I love all the pink and green and other color ruffles on baby girls!


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