Sunday, September 27, 2009

Losing consciousness

Last night, I got up from bed and walked the 4 feet to the boys room to ask him a question. Next thing I knew I was on the floor, disorientated and hearing my boy screaming MOM MOM...

What happened? I'm not really sure. Often times at night I get dizzy when I get up from bed to go to the kitchen for some water or something else to drink....usually I stop, lean on the wall and take some deep breaths till it passes.

Last night though, I apparently grabbed the door handle and fell backwards hitting my head (or so the boy says, but no bumps or tenderness on my head so who knows). I literally blacked out. My oldest boy said I should have gone to the hospital, but I freaked the little one out so much, I couldn't leave him. He was near tears, asking if I was having a heart attack, should he call 911 - I assured him I was ok, after sitting there for a bit trying to piece together what actually happened.

Things are just not going well! Now I wonder if my blood sugar is down from being so dehydrated last week - I just don't know. I am going to find a primary doctor tomorrow and have them run lots of tests. Since the cardio doctor already ran tests n my liver and kidney functions and both came out clear, there's clearly something else going on with me.

Thankfully, since being able to rehydrate myself and today I finally ate, I've had no chest pains so while I'm concerned about my heart, the concern has subside a lot since last week I was having constant chest pains and nitro wasn't working at all. (too much stress on the heart being dehydrated and basically starving to death)

My granddaughter has not even attempted to make an appearance yet. Her mommy is very frustrated, but we had a long talk a bit ago and she understands that the longer Nova remains inside, the stronger she gets and that usually a first born child is give or take a few weeks from the proposed due date. Both my son and I think she will come Thursday or Friday. Mommy goes for a check up an Thursday and they will decide then if she should be induced or not. I don't think that will be necessary, I think Nova is just taking her sweet time to get here!

My DIL would like to use something called GDiapers or possibly cloth diapers. I've never heard of GDiapers, but told her to do some research, find out what they cost for a year and to also find some diaper services and get some prices on that too and I may be able to help them out with diaper service for a year or the GDiapers for a year. I used cloth diapers for both my oldest son and my daughter and I loved them. Plus they are easier on the enviornment.

That's it for now.



Solanaceae said...

Scary scary! I hope it's nothing serious! Please keep me in the loop!

Tell your DIL to check out A friend of mine uses them, a blogger I regularly read uses them and both seem to love them. If/when we get to do the baby thing I am 99.9% sure we are going to use them too.

Lea said...

Great site love, thank you! I was able to see the GDiapers and think they are really cool!! Hopefully, I can afford to help them with those for a year!

I'll keep you posted. Still tired, but I'm working on that.