Sunday, September 20, 2009

Soda or Pop or Soda Pop and Mochi

Since my surgery I had to stop drinking soda. The carbonation stretches out your stomach, so they advise you not to drink it. I haven't missed my daily pepsi's which were of course more than one and probably a big reason for my weight gain, since I drank all my calories and didn't move and well OK you understand...

But every once in a while I get a craving for the bubbles. I have to be careful when I drink anything, since I tend to gulp stuff and a lot of burping goes on and yeah, real lady like that there belching stuff even when I drink water...

So, here's the deal. I tried to drink a pepsi one day and besides tasting like shit in a bottle, there was way to much carbonation for me to deal with.

And then I found...

Gourmet Soda. OMG this is the BEST soda I have EVER tasted. You can find it at Walgreens (though not on their website, I've already checked) It's rather pricey but well worth it. A hint of carbonation which works well for that craving and the flavors are really strong. My favorites are the Vanilla Creme Soda and the Black Cherry. But I've also had the Orange Cream which tastes like one of those Popsicles I use to love, those orange ones with white filling... and the Strawberry Cream is good too. The other flavor is Rootbeer and Diet Rootbeer, but I don't like Rootbeer so haven't tried it.

Seriously, the flavors are real strong, best I've ever had.

And at Trader Joes.. they also carry "lightly carbonated" soda. Comes in a four pack, 3 or 4 different flavors, I think one is Blueberry, the one I got was Pomegranate cause I like the taste and the antioxidants that come with pomegranates. It's pretty good too, less carbonation than the Gourmet Soda's, not quite a flavorful but good. While you're at Trader Joes, for your ice cream cravings, I suggest Mochi. Japanese ice cream comes in 3 flavors, green tea, mango and I think strawberry. I'm partial to the green tea one, but have tried all three that are available here. They also make vanilla and coffee Mochi, but for some reason my local Trader Joes doesn't carry it.

What is Mochi? Well, I'll tell you - next post... or you can look it up on Wikipedia, which is basically what I am going to cut and paste into my next post ;)


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