Monday, September 7, 2009

My Own Food...

I suppose I should address this, cause I think I might be the only one who does this.

I was having a conversation with my daughter today as we worked out in the pool and she said, you know mom you're the only parent I know who buys food just for them. I asked what she meant and she said, she goes to peoples homes and says, "what can't I eat" and they look at her weird, telling her she can eat whatever she wants.

I told her, blame her grandfather and grandmother (my stepmother) for that because thats what they did to me and I guess I picked it up - but also, in the last year since my surgery, there's only certain things I can eat and keep down.

Is it weird that I buy food for me? It's not like I don't buy food for them, cause I do. Snack foods mostly, plus since she doesn't eat meat I buy her certain foods for just her. Now, the boy is different, he eats everything and anything, including the stuff I buy for me, even when I tell him, thats for me. He gets plenty of snack foods, cause I know he is hungry when he comes home from school, but he also eats a months worth of food in a week! He is now my height, 5'8 and weighs 180 pounds, but there's not an ounce of fat on this kid, he's going to be this tall muscular kid soon.

So, am I the only one who buys food that's just for me or are there others out there like that?


Solanaceae said...

I never got the whole "this is my food" thing and no, you're not the only person with kids that I know who does that. IMHO there are very few instances where food that is in the house shouldn't be fair game to everyone that lives there but that really is just my opinion. That being said, if you have special dietary needs, maybe you should consider rethinking how you shop? Fill the house with foods everyone, including you, can eat and that's that. Anything beyond that you can afford to buy or choose to buy should be considered a treat.

JoeinVegas said...

I think every parent buys things not for the kids (hopefully that includes the beer)

Lea said...

It's not like I buy food only for me! Since the surgery there are only certain things I can keep down. I always buy snacks for the boy and the girl when she was living here. I do cook dinner which was a challenge when she lived with us since she doesn't eat meat.

As for beer, nope.. I don't like the taste of beer! And I don't keep alcohol in the house ever.