Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Migraines and more

This morning I woke up and no migraine. Took my imuder (long acting nitro) and was doing dishes and BAM! It hit me like a ton of bricks! So, apparently it's the imuder causing the migraines.

I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow and see if we can lower the dosage or give me something for the migraine. Percocets don't work on them nor does valium. They are rendering me literally completely useless.

Weighing the odds - Chest pains and possible heart attack or migraines. Neither is a very good choice, but I will take the migraines over the other.

Tonight, ran into a lady from Church and I mentioned the migraines, she pulled out this small bottle of something called MG, which has basil, lavender, peppermint and some other ingredients, told me to take a small smell and put some on my pulse points and wow, right now my head still hurts, but NOTHING like it was prior to that little bottle. She gets it from a friend and it's just a small bottle that costs 20$ or so. I may have to splurge on it, I prefer holistic treatment rather than having to take another pill (I already take at least 20 types of pills a day, mostly different vitamins which takes me like an hour to take cause of my little stomach and really would prefer to not take anymore pills)

Anyone have any other type of holistic/natural ways to rid ones self of a migraine?

Having steamed clams for dinner, yum! They come in a box, you pop them in the microwave and they steam! I got them from Trader Joes, there's quite a few in there that the boy and I can share a box and I'll be full (he on the other hand is never full) and the cost of this box is only 4.29$ add some veggies to that and we can eat dinner for probably a total of 7$. Not bad for a good meal!



JoeinVegas said...

No concept on migranes, no one in my family gets anything like that.
The clams sound great - I don't like them, but B does, so will have to try.

Kelly said...

I got horrible migraines when I was pregnant with my second son - luckily, I was seeing a midwife instead of a doctor, so she had all sorts of ideas.
The one that worked best? Lavender essential oil. It can be used a few different ways - a few drops in a warm bath, around the wick of a candle, or actually put it on a q-tip and run the q-tip over a light bulb before turning it on. On a washcloth/sock on the back of your neck, etc. I couldn't take anything while I was pregnant, and I found that the scent combined with a cool, quiet, dark room worked best.

Oh, and if you can stomach it, there are people who swear by lavender, chamomile, or raspberry herbal tea to help. Just make sure it has caffeine in it, for some reason, the caffeine helps the migraine.

Now, I just take Fioricet (barbituate and caffeine), which works quite well. Tones the pain down enough for me to function, it's only at annoyance level instead of excruciating.

Lea said...

Thanks! I spritz lavender on my pillows at night before going to bed. Someone else told me to try caffeine but I just don't do well with caffeine..

I asked the lady from church if she could get a hold of her friend and see for sure how much one of those bottles cost, so I could get one next month if I have the spare cash. It really helped.