Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wordle!!! And some other random stuff...

Joe at Joe, in and around Las Vegas sent me my new Wordle. Thanks Joe! I love these Wordle things, they are so cool!

Thanks again Joe! I'm going to try to do one of these each month. I can't capture them, but Joe can, so hopefully he'll capture mine each month!!
New Monday Giveaway coming tomorrow. Check it out tomorrow evening (hopefully I can get it up by then) at Monday Giveaway.
Winnings from previous Monday Giveaways should be going out this week too, hopefully life doesn't get in the way AGAIN! I hate that it's taken me so long to get these out to my readers, makes me feel like shit.
Been entering some contests lately, I think I am going to make a special page just for he contests that I've been entering... actually I think I might even have one already.
Does anyone know how to make it so that there is a permanent "saying" at the top of each of my posts? So I don't have to type it out each time? Like to check out Monday Giveaways? If so, please either leave a comment on how to do it, or feel free to email me at (wisprnsoul at cox dot net)


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