Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've been SO remiss..

Actually, I've been pretty sick. Left a few comments on a few blogs, but really haven't had the energy to lift my head up and post on my own blog. Not sure what is wrong with me, all I do is sleep and throw up.. go me. Am having the hardest time keeping food down I imagine that is part of my weakness problem.. tomorrow I am completely out of commission due to a procedure I have to have done on my neck for the next 3 Thursdays actually.. yuck
I didn't have my Monday giveaway, but if you go to live,love,laugh with leslie Leslie is giving away a partylite candle or some tealights, that should make up for mine being nonisistent this week...
I do still have a book up on Monday Giveaway for those of you with children you might be interested in it, I haven't closed it down, but wil hopefully feel well enough to do so this Saturday.
Skoys haven't been sent out yet, sorry. Will do asap.

That's it.. back to my head on the pillow with my eyes closed!

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always_317537 said...

Thanks Lea for blogging about my contest :) You also get an extra entry for blogging ( a total of 2 )
I hope you feel better :)