Tuesday, February 10, 2009

repost of Mondays giveaway

****This Contest is Closed****

***Cause it's gotten lost in the blog, I'm reposting my Monday Giveaway here so people don't have to look everywhere for it. Those that have already commented will still be eligible to win****

Back by popular demand:

Yep! Skoys!

Oh and not for just one winner, I've enough for 5 winners!!!!!!

Hoops: I know, these hoops suck, but hey I've nothing better to do than to think up things for me to laugh about..err for you guys to do! And besides, what fun would it really be if all you had to do is leave one comment letting me know you want these... no fun for me at all :)

First you must visit Skoy, Please visit the site and come up in your own words an actual fact about the Skoy. This is important. If you do not do this, then all your comments will be disqualified. I think that it is very important to visit all the sites from my giveaways and if possible, purchase an item (that is NOT ever a requirement and you will not be penalized for not purchasing something). But, lets be honest, the reason people are so generous with their items to allow me to give them away, deserve also to have business generated by these giveaways.

For more entries:
Blog about contest on your blog. Send me the direct link to the post in the comments. (please make sure to send the direct link to the post. If I can't find it, then this hoop will be disqualified.)
Twitter, leave a comment
Follow me on Twitter, leave comment
Follow my blog, leave a comment
If you already follow me, please leave me a comment to remind me, I'm blond and lost most days, I probably won't remember if you are following me already!

Last but not least, tell me in your own words why you would like a 4 pack of Skoys and what you plan on using them for (of course, put that in my comments)

Be creative! This time I am not using random.org, but will pick the 5 winners by the first hoop and last hoop that they jump through (though jumping through the other hoops will help also), so be original, creative, funny, or whatever suits you best! I will pick the winners by your answers! Do your best and please remember, if I don't pick you don't take it personal. This is suppose to be fun fun fun!!!

Good luck and I can't wait to read what you all have to say! I know some of you will crack me up, you usually do!


always_317537 said...

I like that SKOY cloth is equivalent to using 15 rolls of paper towels in an average home.

always_317537 said...

I follow :)

Carolyn G said...

The skoy are made in Europe!

Carolyn G said...

I follow