Tuesday, February 17, 2009


On my Monday Giveaways, there are things one must do to be entered into the giveaway. Sometimes there are a lot of things for more entries, sometimes just a few things for extra entries and I may even just let people enter by leaving a comment only... I like to change things up a bit...

Anywho...for lack of a different word, I call the above "hoops". I'm sure everyone is familiar with "Jumping through hoops"....

My dilemma:

I really like to be original. My creative side has seemed to vanish lately, so I need your help, cause looking at the dictionary and thesaurus I can't find a more original name to use for the "rules".

Here is where you can help. Come up with a new name for me to use, instead of hoops or rules. And as a bonus...

I will send you one of my all natural soy candles, handpoured by me. A 5oz or 7oz candle, scent of my choice if I pick the name you come up with. How cool is that? I haven't even done a giveaway of my candles yet (which I will be doing in the next month or so hopefully) You can come up with as many names as you want, leave them all in one comment, or keep coming back if you think of a different one.

I'll be out of town next weekend, but hopefully will have access to the internet and will pick the winning name on Sunday. If not, then it will have to wait till Monday evening.

Remember, creative and original!!

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