Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Change for Monday Giveaway and Product Review

Greetings my bloggyland friends,

I've decided to make some changes when it comes to Monday Giveaway and Product Review. Beginning Feb 16th, I will be doing all Monday Giveaway and Product Reviews at Monday Giveaway and Product Review

If you currently follow this blog, please go to the link above and follow there. For the first 2 weeks, I will continue to give entries to those that follow me on my main blog (just remind me in comments)but after that, you will need to follow me on the Giveaway page (you are welcome to follow me now over there if you would like). I've also added the subscribe button so that You can also subscribe for an extra entry. Of course those are just a couple of the hoops in order to get entries, there will be a few more.

I am going to try to keep it as simple as possible, though sometimes I just can't help myself and I might make your hoops a bit more challenging and interesting.

Picking a winner: Picking a winner will change from time to time, but will always be done on Saturdays. The winner has till noon on Monday to contact me with their address and such. I will TRY to notify the winner personally, but I can't always guarantee that. How I pick a winner: I may use, or have the girl or boy pick a random number. Also, if I've created a hoop that requires original content, I will share them with the girl and her and I will pick the most original comment. Remember to comment after each hoop you go through, or I won't know to count your entry. Shipping: I will usually ship your winning item to you on Weds.

Thank you to all my bloggyland friends for your support. I have so much fun doing these giveaways!!

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