Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why oh why?

*111th thing you may not know about me: I hate chit chat, small talk and malicious gossip, unless of course it's something I've made up about myself, than I love to hear it!*

I read a ton of blogs, most of them "mommy blogs". I enjoy them, I like to read about others lives, especially when they are witty and humorous. I also like the tear jerker ones and then I do have a couple of favorite ones that I look forward to reading.

But, lately I've noticed something on many of the bloggers "profiles". They are all married to WONDERFUL men or HOT wives. Always there's some mushy mush type adjective describing the significant other of the blogger.

Maybe I am just cynical and less gullible than most people, or perhaps I'm really just very jaded, however I can't seem to grasp the "fact" that everything is honky dory and these people are married to the most perfect person in the world. And while it looks like that with most of them, from reading their blogs and never a word about "problems" with said significant other... frankly, I think they are lying, mostly by leaving things out. Why blog if you can't be honest with what is going on in your life? I know, you're probably thinking, how do you know they are lying?

I wasn't born yesterday.

I suppose that most people simply want to blog about all the happy things going on in their lives, while I prefer to share everything that comes to mind. Good, bad, indifferent..

My life isn't perfect and I simply don't believe that others are either, even if they are married to Mr Wonderful (and have all sucked up all the Mr. Wonderfuls in the world, thus me still being single) or their HOT wives, something no one would ever call me, even if he really thought that, I would nix it. Life just isn't made of all good things...

Life is life. It's good, it's bad, it's ugly and it's sweet. There are hard times and soft times (and no, that is not a reference to sex, geez get your mind out of the gutter). There's lessons to be learned and applied. There's dirty things to be cleaned up and there's clean things to dirty up...

Yeah, I guess I am pretty jaded. I just can't believe that their lives are so very perfect.

(I've done some housekeeping and removed a few from my blog roll. I've decided if someone hasn't updated in 2 weeks then they are removed. I've always got 10 more waiting in the wings to add, so while I remove blogs from my reading list, it never seems to get smaller! Bah.)


Veronica said...

I don't tend to write about Nat that often, simply because his parents read and it always lands me in hot water. Especially if I am needing to whinge about him!

That said, my twitters are generally much more honest because no family reads them!

But I know exactly what you mean. It's like the mothers who never write about the crappy bits of motherhood. It's all sharing and caring and listening.

Lea said...

I can understand that, actually it didn't even occur to me that some people have others who read their blogs and don't want them to know certain things! But, that's mostly to me just being an open book with everyone.. probably TOO open!!

I love my kids, you know.. but they can piss me off something fierce.. it's not all sharing and caring over here in this house! And often times they've worn me out so much that I just haven't the energy to listen either! Perhaps one reason I feel the way I do is I don't have toddlers, I have teenagers! So, maybe if they were little I'd be all gushing on them, but I am so over it now! :)

My tweets tend to be pretty boring, when I remember that I tweet!

Days like These! said...

I had TRAIN him to get to the mushy adjectives I describe about him now.

I should of had a blog back in the 90's then WHOA nelly hold on to your knickers! :)