Saturday, January 10, 2009


I found a new blog, it's All about Cakes and I've been looking through it and yummy yummy has she got some awesome looking and taste sounding cake pictures and recipes going on over there. Check her out!

Plus she's holding her first ever giveaway at All about Cakes giveaway

My mouth is watering thinking about her cakes!

Oh and yes, soon I will be having my own giveaway, finally. I'm waiting for some new items to arrive so I can make some more candles and then I will have my giveaway. Stay tuned!


DCRose said...

Hi Lea, Thanks for joining in on my giveaway! I am glad to add you as a friend. Our lives are similar in some areas. My brothers(6) all rode Harley's. I started riding very young. I am very aware of of the bi polar aspect of your life as 3 of my seven brothers were bi polar. And I am a bit eccentric and very eclectic.
Good luck in the giveaway.
I look forward to our blogging relationship. Fondly, DCRose

Lea said...

Hi DCRose! Thanks for having your giveaway! What fun! Wow, you seem like you kind of "get me" which is pretty big in my book, since more often than not, people don't get me! :)

Do you blog outside of your cake blog? Or is that the only one you have? Right now, I only have one myself, but am thinking about adding a review blog (if I can get companies to send me samples and such to review) maybe a giveaway blog as well, though I haven't given anything away yet! I also want to do book reviews, but right now I'm having some family issues (which you can find out more about if interested in my archives, probably most of it is in dec archives I think)...

At any rate, it's nice to make a new friend and I too look forward to our blogging relationship!

Feel free to email me or comment at anytime! Good luck with your giveaway!!