Friday, January 9, 2009

Something is wrong...

*107th thing you might not know about me: I have horrible insomnia, even with taking over the counter sleeping pills*

My cat, Blizzard, won't stop meowing. It's that low guttural howling meowing and he is pacing back and forth throughout the house. I've never seen him like this. Blizzard is my cat, he doesn't like people in my room, including the kids. If they hang out on my bed for to long, he gets angry. He doesn't let anyone pet him but me and god forbid there's a man in my bed, he won't talk to me or sleep on my bed for days.

But something isn't right. He's been howling for hours. What's he picking up on I don't know, I guess when I am supposed to know, I'll know.

This is Blizzard. He has beautiful blue eyes, but is very camera shy, hates his picture taken...

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