Friday, January 9, 2009

Photo Phriday, with Candid Carrie

*108th thing you may not know about me: All three of my kids have different fathers. I never wanted to marry again and I certainly didn't plan on having kids "that" way, but it is what it is*

In keeping with NaBloPoMo for January, I've been attempting to blog each day, though as you can see, I've either missed a few days or have posted more than one post a day, but what the hell, it's the intention that counts.

And then there is Photo Phriday or as Candid Carrie calls it "Friday Foto Finish Fiesta" here is a couple of my favorite "fotos" I'm pretty sure I haven't shared these yet, hope not!

The both of these were taken on Mt. Charleston, the first one I love because it was actually a color picture, but somehow transferring it from my camera to my computer it appears to have became black and white...

And this one is just silly. The boy and his big brother did this one, at the lodge that sits on the very top of Mt. Charleston, where there were people, people who actually saw them doing this and then came inside and watched the two of them come sit with me, at my table... Yeah, people saw them make that snowman, then sit at the same table I was at... They're never to old too embarrass you, trust me.


JoeinVegas said...

What's wrong with the snowman? If they like weird ones get some old Calvin and Hobbs cartoon books, there are some really creative snowmen there.

Lea said...

What's wrong with the snowman?! Joe, he's smoking a cigarette and has an ashtray for a hat! All those little kids up there, traumatized by a cigarette smoking snowman!

I use to love Calvin and Hobbs. Haven't thought about that cartoon in years!

Karen said... that snowman. Is that an ashtray sitting on it's head???

Creative boys you have there..

Oops, just read your comment, it is an ashttray. Cracked me up.. :-)

Lea said...

Yes! It most certainly is an ashtray. Though I'm not sure what they used for the eyes and nose.

Creative boys yes, yet they are also really weird, especially when you have them in the same place at the same time. They are pretty funny and feed off of each other.

I still say that tons of children were traumatized by Frosty the snowman smoking a cigarette, instead of a corn pipe and an ashtray on his head, rather than a top hat. Poor little kids!

Candid Carrie said...

I have two girls (14, 5) and four boys (27, 20, 12, 8) and I would trade those two girls in for four more boys any day.

Especially when the big ones get together and it is a competition and you can certainly understand why they invented the term "pissing" match!

Love the second picture but the creepy way the first picture turned black and white is really cool, too!

Thanks for participating!



Lea said...

Oh I am doing so much better with the girl than with the boy. My oldest boy had a father in the picture so raising him was a lot different than raising my youngest..

I just don't seem to know much about boys! My girl is a piece of cake, I can answer mostly anything she asks without hesitation... the boy...I have to admit that I just don't have many answers. I've had to turn to my 24 year old for help with *ahem* certain issues.

I wouldn't trade any of them, just would be nice to have more wisdom where the boy is concerned!