Monday, January 12, 2009

Seriously? SERIOUSLY???

I'm not at all obsessive. There's not an ounce of OCD in me. The proof is over there -------> See it?? That HUGE long line of blogs? The ones on my blog roll? DO.YOU.SEE.IT?

Dude, of course you do. How could you miss it? It's a mile freaking long! What the hell is wrong with me? And yes, I DO read them all, provided they've been updated and thankfully they don't all update on the same day. Still it can take me longer than a couple hours reading them, because of course I have to look at THEIR favorite blogs and click on the ones that look interesting to me (by their titles) and then I'm reading THAT blog and 9 times out of 10, I add it to my own blog roll...

The one thing that is probably my saving grace is that I rarely comment, or rather I use to rarely comment. I've found lately I've been doing more commenting than usual. Oh and if that list over there isn't enough, I realized that I don't even have to put their blog links over there, because if they belong to Blogger, then I can just follow them so, not only do I have tons of links over there ------> I also have blogs showing up in my email now.

I'm thinking I might have finally lost my mind all together. Maybe?

Now, during some of this reading, I've come across a blogger who makes free backgrounds. Of course I had to comment to him asking him to make me a background and a button even! His only requirement is to post his button on your site, should he design a background for you (so it's not all for nothing, this OCD of reading blogs). Bah! But, more buttons! I really need to make extra pages for my buttons and blog roll, because then you might not notice how OCD I've really become regarding the amount of blogs that I read. I also want to do book reviews and product reviews, which may also require their own pages. Oy Vey.

Oh, if you're at all curious about the dude that designs backgrounds, he can be found at Lee's Free Custom Blog Layouts He's designed some pretty neat ones actually. We shall see if he is able to design the one that I want.

I do keep saying I'm going to delete some of the blogs I have listed and I have deleted some of them, mostly those that have not updated in a while and then I think, but I really liked what they blogged before they stopped blogging for a while and not everyone can blog everyday, blah blah blah, so then I don't delete some.. but looking at it, I think it's time to do some deleting again. (especially since I just added like 12 more blogs to the list) oh yeah, it's time to delete, my OCD will just have to be put on a shelf... lets see how long THAT lasts!


Yaya said...

I know! Now I see why some bloggers have a whole other page for their blogroll!

Yaya said...

PS Lee is a girl ;)

Hula's Secret Blog said...

Yeah, Lee rocks! She's a teenage genius in college!!

Lea said...

Ohh!! I need to make a correction! Sheesh, that's what I get for assuming things!