Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And I won another contest! was having a t-shirt contest. 1st prize was 4 t-shirts of your choice, and I won 1st prize! I'm so excited. They have these awesome t-shirts designed by various artists. Really cool ones too. My favorite one is the "Everyone wants a Peace", I would have picked that one for all 4, but decided to pick 3 other ones (including 2 alternates in case the ones I wanted weren't in stock)..

So,I've decided that I will get 2, the girl will get one and the boy will get one. Yay Me! I enter SO many contests/giveaways and have only won, one other one, 100$ gift certificate to which was awesome, since I love books and I love them even better when they are free!

Go check out, not one t-shirt is over 10$ and they have some really cool ones! So far all the trouble I go through to enter these contests/giveaways, it's all worth it! The artists are great and they are all one of a kind t-shirts!


annie kelleher said...

who is cooler than you???!!! nobody!!! congrats on your win!!! maybe you'll get lucky on my giveaway, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lea said...

Oh me too!!! Your giveaway is totally awesome and I would really LOVE to win it!!!!!!!