Monday, December 8, 2008

This blog and some random information/thoughts

This blog is a work in progress. It's the first time I've used a blogger like this, having about 4 years of blogging archived over at Live Journal, where you can't do most of what you can here. I'd really like to redecorate around here, but not sure how to make it pretty... so I suppose I'll keep it blue, since that's my favorite color and spice it up here and there with pictures...
This month financially is the worst month, usually is every year. This year has been worse though, with me and the kids going down to Az on an average of about every 2 weeks, I can't afford Christmas, nor will we be going to Az for it either. Times are difficult, more so this year because of Dad's illness.

At some time, in the 5 years we have lived in this house, I was given a fake tree. A very large one really. I've never used it, since usually I have enough money to buy a tree and presents. Though I do wait till Christmas Eve for the tree, getting a small discount on it. This year, well things are very different for us. With no money even to buy special food for Christmas day, I am going to put up the fake tree. The kids don't mind, they are old enough to understand and thankfully I had bought some presents over the summer, so it won't be empty under the tree. I'm going to "try" to go to the dollar store and get some things for their stockings, but again, they are old enough this year to understand the hardship we are dealing with right now.(one of the reasons I've been joining different contests, is to hopefully win and be able to have another Christmas present for one of the kids)

I have multi-colored ornaments, but I usually like to put up my white and blue ornaments with my peace dove paper ornaments I made one year. It makes the tree look so pretty and carries the theme of my life every year, all year round.. Peace on Earth. However, I think this year I might put up the colorful balls and go all out...I can put my doves on the mantle. Too bad I don't have room in the living room to put down one of the trains, but I might break out the little houses this year. We may not be able to afford Christmas, but I can still make it look like Christmas here.. Now, if someone would be so kind as to send snow to Vegas for Christmas, all would be really right in my world..

I put a note out to our local Free Cycle list (if you don't know about freecycle, it's really cool. Instead of throwing things out, people recycle them by offering them to others who may need or want whatever it is)I put out a note Wanted: Baskets. Quite a few people have different types of baskets they are going to give to me! I plan on doing a giveaway next week. A basket with some candles that I've made (plus I am going to make a few Christmas presents with baskets and candles). This is for a few reasons. One, I feel like giving something away (and not just presents to friends and family) and two, I'm hoping whoever wins it will love the candles and plug them on their blog, helping me to drum up some business. Being a single mother on disability is tough and this is a new business I am trying to get started. There will of course be a few rules, but ultimately the winner will be picked out randomly by the girl or the boy. Stay tuned for that.. should be the beginning of next week.

I've really enjoyed branching out on my blog reading. For so long I only read those on Live Journal, until I found Dooce and then went from there, reading a blog she would plug and then finding more and more. I read every blog on my blogroll and enjoy them a lot and each day I find at least one new blog to read. I also found Etsy on Dooce's site and have made a few really cool purchases from there. I hope to open up my own store, for the candles, after Christmas when I can make a bunch of candles so I have an inventory.

So, a few things happening over here in my world. I'm hoping to stretch out what little money I have for the month and make it last till the end of the month. One good thing, gas prices have gone down and it doesn't take much to fill up my Jeep. Every little bit helps!


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