Friday, December 19, 2008

Not sure

That I like the seasonal background I put on this blog here... it kind of reminds me of those people that wear Christmas sweaters. Yuck. Gross.

But, trying to be in the moment of the holiday, I'll keep it there till Dec 26th (which coincidentally is the same day I take down our Christmas tree!) Then perhaps I can find something festive for New Years.

Off to try and get some sleep.


JoeinVegas said...

My mother used to wear a sweater like this.

Lea said...

Umph!! I thought it looked like one of those sweaters! My stepmother wears things like this, but with more glitz, like rhinestones and dangly things. Makes my eyes and head hurt just looking at some of her clothes... and she doesn't reserve this stuff for Christmas either..

All year round, holidays or not, there's rhinestones, dangly things, patterns that make you dizzy.. I've been tempted to purchase her a bedazzler so she can decorate all the clothing that doesn't come with that stuff on it! LOL