Monday, December 8, 2008

Blogging, other people and give away...

So, I've been thinking tonight how really cool this blogging is actually. Sure, I've been blogging for years on Live Journal and those that read my blog there, are actually real life friends too - so what they read, they mostly already know about me..

But, this new blog.. it's funner. I love to write and really if I was the only one to read my words, I'd be fine - but more than my own writing, I get to read what's going on in other peoples lives, even to the point of semi vicariously living through their experiences. Not to mention, learning about them as I learn about me too. It's fun! And the few people that I've had one on one contact with for whatever reason, have been so nice and wonderful, I love it.

Most of the blogs I read are mom blogs, which is way cool and makes me feel like I'm so not alone. A few are dad blogs which I find very interesting. And 99% of all the blogs I read, no one holds anything back. At least that is what it looks like to me... the good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly. This makes me so comfortable in an odd sort of way. Almost like, "Hey, they do it, you have permission to do it too, even though these people don't know you".. but, how do they GET to know me without my sharing it all. So, I try and write without worry, just put it ALL out there and let the chips fall where they may.

On Sunday, I hope to begin my first giveaway. With the help of two women whose blogs I have been faithfully reading for a few weeks now, I hope that it will be fun for all involved. I'm excited that they have both agreed to help me get the word out, they have a far larger readership than I do and I really want to do this give away. So, don't forget to check back on Sunday, (if it changes, there will be a notice here), follow the couple of rules I will have posted and sit back and wait to see if you are randomly picked!(The rules are so everyone can have more than one entry if they would like) You can learn a bit more about the candles at this site Lea's Lights It's a company set up website, but it's mine, though it doesn't look like it. There's also the opportunity for anyone of you to become part of the business. Email me privately at if you think that might be something you'd be interested in!

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