Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And away we go...

Today begins the whirlwind that will last until Monday. Today the kids will beg to open up one present from under the tree and I, as always will say no, till they make me crazy and I throw up my hands in complete aggravation and allow them to open one present, even though they only have a few to open on Christmas...

Tomorrow will be both a typical and non typical day for Christmas. Up around 7, presents opened.. and then mom (that's me) goes back to sleep for a few hours. The girls best friends family has invited us for dinner, so sometime before I go, I'll need to prepare something, or maybe I'll just go get some pies from the pie place.

I'm not particularly looking forward to this, as I am probably the most unsocial person in the entire world (I didn't use to be, but as I got older, about my late 30's I stopped pretending that I liked people) so for me to go interact with people I don't know has me pretty anxious. I'll be taking a Valium or xanex or both for that matter, for sure. My daughter assures me that her friends mother is just like me, however apparently she is totally excited that I'll be coming for dinner. Yay her. I will do my very best to put on a happy face with a positive attitude, though how long that will last is beyond me. I don't even know these people, so I'll have to work extra hard to be nice, something that doesn't come easy to me! Yay me.

Then Friday, that long trip down to Phx. Don't get me wrong, I want to see my father, I just hate the drive. I was able to get both the cats after chasing Angel around for 20 minutes (Max was good about me getting him, but scratched and bitched about being put in his box carrier. His howling was both annoying and sad. Angel didn't make a sound just peed in her box which leaked all over my stepmother floor in the kitchen (that's where we finally were able to grab her)So, the hard part is over.. They will both be sedated for the trip down, otherwise I will need a sedative after wards.

I am doing this for my father. It is a surprise that the boy, me and the cats are coming and we are hoping this will raise his spirits as he has been very depressed as of late. Not sure yet how I am going to feed the boy and I while down there. My stepmother is paying for the hotel room so that's taken care of and I had thought that the boy would spend the weekend at their house, leaving me some much needed alone time at the hotel, but my stupid sister and her over aged boyfriend is staying with them (even though they can afford a hotel room) so there's no room for the boy and he is pretty bummed. Oh well, maybe it'll be a nice bonding experience for the boy and I... not.

I had intended on returning Sunday, but I decided that I don't want to drive in all that traffic, so we will be coming back on Monday. I'm also leaving the girl behind and trusting her that there will be no people in the house while I am gone, although she has asked if her friend Malibu can spend the night one night. I've given the ok, but if I find out that there was more than one person here especially boys, then she is in deep shit... I don't see that happening. I really trust her. She's a good girl. I'll have to find somewhere some money in case she needs to eat... though I don't think it'll kill her to go 3 days without eating.. do you?

Of course I'll be taking my laptop and my camera (which I take every where with me anyways) then I'll be piling up the car with pots and pans from their kitchen, sheets and her computer to take down to them. After loading the car, it's off to the vet where the cats will be sedated and quiet. Yay cats.

I don't seem to have much holiday cheer, but that's not unusual for me, Dec is not a good month for me, ever.

So, that's pretty much in a nutshell what I'll be doing...

Do tell, what will you be doing this Christmas and the immediate days following?

Happy Holidays to one and all.

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