Friday, November 14, 2008

It must be old age

Today around 5, I went to Sunflower Market (an organic food market, much like Trader Joes but larger). I was in there about an hour, mostly because I was looking for some papaya they had advertised at a good price, as well as some new vitamins that I've been wanting to go on. I couldn't find a few of them, so I'll probably need to go to the vitamin store.

But, that's not what this post is about, not really...

Before I go outside, after shopping or whatever it is, I get my keys out. It's 6pm and I'm checked out, looking for my keys in my purse... and

They aren't there! Panicked I looked around the store for them, no luck. I went back in my mind trying to remember what I was doing when I got out of the car, did I put the keys in my purse, or did I throw them in it as I am prone to doing, only to have them land on the passenger seat, I remembered that I was just finishing up a hour long call to AT&T trying to fix the cell phone bill that my father messed up the day before yesterday and I was frustrated. I don't remember anything about the keys, not putting them in my purse, or my pocket or latching them onto my purse (I have a hook thing I use when I remember) I have no idea what I did with the keys, but now I'm running out the store to make sure my Jeep is still there..

Oh, yeah... it's still there. Right where I left it.


Dude, the keys were in the ignition, the Jeep was running and I was in the market for a hour.. and it was still there, in the parking lot. The bagboy says, "Wow, you got lucky. Someone stole a bike from the front of the store the other day."

Luck? I'm thinking, yeah, luck. Or some good karma coming my way. What?I don't have good karma due to me?? Pfft.. I have some good karma coming my way, at least I should since apparently I'm going senile.

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