Sunday, November 16, 2008

High School Theatre..

The girl has been involved in theatre since the first day of high school, 4 years ago. She's been in 13 or 14 plays. Her high school opened the year before her first day, so she's pretty much been in every play that theatre has done.

She's also been involved in every thing that theatre has done that wasn't a play. She's in the Thespian club, has earned 3 letters, works the fireworks stand every year the entire time it is opened, including at least one overnight. She's been to every Shakespeare convention in Utah, has worked the lights, made stages and props and well... she's been doing all of it. This year I asked her to cut back a bit on it - so she took only one class of Theatre when she could have taken 2. No big deal, I figured because she's been involved the whole time, she'd get some decent parts this year in the plays they are doing...

Last night was closing night for "Arsenic and Old Lace". This is one of 3 plays she is in this year and for some reason, the only play with actual lines - 10 minutes before the play is over she appears... and as usual, she did a stand up job with what she was given to do. The stage was probably the best one I've seen yet (which makes sense, since they improve each year). But, I am pissed, I've been pissed for a few weeks now and finally I spoke to the teacher last night about it.

Me: Ms Sax, I was wondering why, after all this time that she's been with you, she didn't get a better part in The Wizard of Oz.
Ms Sax: I didn't do the auditions for that play, Mr. Anthony did, it's a musical.
Me: Well, she is a munchkin in it, without any speaking parts and in Bye Bye Birdie, she's a parent without any speaking parts either. I think that it's very unfair, considering how hard she has worked these past 4 years.
Ms Sax: I didn't see the audition.
Me: You're in charge, are you telling me you have no pull at all? All she wanted this year was the wicked witch in Oz and she's a munchkin? It doesn't seem right.
Ms Sax: I can speak to Mr. Anthony about it and see if he would consider doubling up on the part.
Me: That would be nice, since (I say it again to make sure she understands how serious I am about this) she has helped you with everything and anything since she began high school.
Ms Sax just looked at me. (I know, boring conversation)

I have a few ways in which I can be intimidating. I don't think I was last night, as I am sick and just didn't have it in me to be mean and overbearing, it was all I could do to stand there and make it known that I wasn't happy how she's been treated... She thinks and I've begun to think the same, that since certain parents do more than just attend the show, those kids get the best parts - it certainly looks that way these past few plays. She's good, she's really good actually, she takes these shitty little parts and makes them come alive - if she wasn't good, I'd still go to bat for her like I did, but honestly, she is really good at acting, for someone who has no training. Could she be on a TV show or Broadway? Not sure, but is she very good for high school drama class? Yeah, she's above good.

So, she has 2 more plays in high school and she is done. She's a senior, she's good at what they give her to do, there's no reason a freshman or someone who has been there less than her and has worked less than her, should be getting all the good parts and she gets shit. I've told her to cut back on what she does for the class, both during and after school/weekends. She's disappointed she didn't get a better part in the other 2 plays and it tugs at my heart strings when she is disappointed. I realize that life isn't fair, that disappointments happen throughout our time on this earth.. however, this treatment of her is not right. She's been taught that good things happen when you work hard - I've also tried to teach her not to expect things, but even I couldn't help but think that her last year there, after all the hard work she has put in, she'd get some good parts this year - so both of us are disappointed... and I'm pissed.

My girl is pretty awesome. She rarely complains if at all, she finishes what she starts, for the most part she's a drama free as she can be - she's more mature than most girls her age and even older than her, are. She makes good choices, she's loyal and trustworthy. I want her last year in high school to be a good one with wonderful memories. I suppose they will come from doing other things and not theatre, which until this year has been her biggest passion (hence her working so hard since 9th grade for this teacher and class).

Oh well, such is life I guess. She'll get over it... maybe I will too.

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