Saturday, November 22, 2008

Animal House...

I really should live on a farm. At one point we had 2 dogs, 6 ferrets, 7 cats (including kittens) a couple of hamsters and lets not forget the black widows that keep making their webs near my front door, no matter how many times I set it on fire....

We are now owned by 3 dogs and 6 cats (2 are kittens). I thought I would share a couple of pictures and their bio's with you all, whoever you are all.. I only have pictures of the dogs and my cat, Blizzard.

I don't seem to have a picture of Rio on this computer, I'll have to take a few at a later date. Rio is a Border collie/Australian husky mix. Black with white boots, a white stripe down her nose that has black freckles,with icy blue eyes. Rio is the best behaved dog in the world. In the 2 years we have had her, I've heard her bark, one time. Occasionally she will talk to me and she's an attention hog. She paws you to pet her and if your petting another dog, she'll bud in to get petted also. She sits, lays down, gets down, shakes and high fives. She also goes into her cage on her own when she's been bad. She guards her rawhide bone, even though she doesn't chew on it. Lately she's been taken to growling at Shylo when she gets close to the bone, something I've never seen her do before. (picture of Rio to follow in a few days)

Shylo is a purebred Australian Husky. (don't let the picture of her fool you) She's wild as can be. I've had her for about 7 months. She'll be a year old in Dec. She talks to me all the time and barks outside at people too close to the house. She growls at Rio when Rio goes near the food bowl, if Shylo is there first. If a rawhide bone is left unattended, she will grab it and run into the boys room, usually leaving it on his bed. There has been up to 8 bones at one time on his bed. I've only been able to teach her to sit and get the hell off my bed.She also has those icy blue eyes.

Then we have my cat Blizzard, who's just a year old. When he was born his back legs looked like frog legs and I figured no one would want him, so I made him mine or rather, he made me his. He jumps on the bed, puts his paws on my chest, rubs the top of his head on my chin. If I am laying down, he likes the top of his head kissed. (I have very strange animals)If that rare ocassion that I have a man over, Blizzard gets pissed. He sleeps with me every night, so in his mind, he punishes me by not being around for a few days, sleeping somewhere else other than with me. He's also a life saver. More than once I've woken up to him in my face, scratching me, while I'm gasping for air. I've stopped breathing a few times at night and he wakes me up. You can't tell in this picture, but he has the icy blue color eyes that Rio and Shylo have.

Then we have gazelin, our newest addition to the house. She is 5 months old. Chihauhau/shi tzu mix. She weighs 4 pounds and won't be getting any bigger. She is the girls dog. I paid 100$ for her. The day after we brought her home, we left for Phx. We took her with us, since I found a hotel that allowed dogs. The day we came home, I received a phone call from the woman who I bought gazelin from, telling me that a few of her puppies had come down with parvo. Gazelin had been lethargic for a couple of days and my gut feeling before the phone call was that she had parvo. We took her to the vet who didn't give us much hope, but did give us 200$ in medication for us to give her at home. Was either that or she stays at the vets for 300$ a night..Ummm.. no, I don't think so! We got lucky, she pulled through. She's not trained, just barely housebroken, but she goes in her cage at night and doesn't whine about it. She loves to give kisses and follows the girl around everywhere. Personally, I think she looks like gizmo the be the judge..

My other cats are Tiger, who's an 8 year old orange tabby.. that's what we get for letting a 7 year old girl name him. (we've had him since birth), he weighs about 30 pounds and is going bald. America, he's also an orange tabby, the boy wanted to name him red white and blue, thus the name America. He's 7 years old and we've had him since he was a few months old. Baby is a girl and keeps having kittens. (yes, I know, if I got her fixed that wouldn't happen, but I can't afford it just yet)I don't like baby much, well, no one in the house really likes her. The only time she is friendly is when she is in heat. Bah. Noodle is 8 months old, one of baby's kittens, she's a very dark calico.. truth be told, I'm trying to find a home for both baby and noodle (my daughter names all the cats, except Blizzard and America)and then there is Salt. A completely black kitten from babys last litter. Salt is the only animal in the house that is smaller than gazelin, so gazelin thinks salt is her very own personal toy.

So there you have it...

Life, in the animal house.

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