Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Trip to the Strip..

I've managed, happily with no regrets, to avoid the Strip, otherwise known as "Las Vegas Blvd".. Did I say, HAPPILY AVOIDED?

Until tonight. The boy turns 13 tomorrow and all he wanted to do was go to a nice dinner with a friend and drive down the Strip, twice. TWICE!!!!!!! The lights and the parking lot traffic make my head hurt, not to mention two boys being loud and obnoxious in the backseat. We couldn't just drive down one time, we had to go TWICE. (we did have a nice dinner though)

And if that's not bad enough, the cops on the Strip, ride bicycles. BICYCLES! Can you imagine, watching the news and the helicopter is flying in the air, with that big spolight pointed at the street and you hear the anchorperson say.....

"We are watching a high speed pursuit on bicycles" FREAKING BICYCLES. If that isn't bad enough, they don't pull you over to the side of the road. No, they pull you over in whatever lane you happen to be in. One cop in front of your car, one in back and the other at your window. No, I didn't get pulled over, but others did, going both ways. And somehow you have to find your way around them without looking like an idiot, while screaming WTF are you people doing??? With two boys finding it about the funniest thing they have ever saw.

Did I say, HAPPILY AVOIDED? Yeah, there's a reason for that other than it makes my brain hurt. I hate the Las Vegas Strip. I've always hated it. I think it's garish, boring and more of a hassle than it is worth.

But the boy, that's really all he wanted for his birthday, well that and ANOTHER skateboard. (he snaps skateboards in half within less than a week of having them, the one I got him this time is the last one, any others, he will have to work hard for). How could I not taken him down there for his birthday when he didn't really want anything else.

So, twice, we drove down the Strip. Three times we changed lanes, thanks to cops on bikes. My head hurt and there was so much noise coming from the backseat, I haven't a clue what was going on back there. It exhausted me, but the boy, he enjoyed it (as did his friend), so it was worth it, this one time.

I will now go back to happily avoiding the Strip. Maybe I'll get lucky and not have to see the bright lights and the parking lot traffic for another 6 years. Ahh, what a relief that would be.

Life, in whatever lane the bicycle cops aren't in.

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