Thursday, October 30, 2008

Almost done, well, kind of

I've almost finished the front half of the house. I've scrubbed, bitched, scrubbed and bitched for the last 3 days. I scrubbed my kitchen floor by hand, bitched, scrubbed the outside of the fridge and stove, bitched, polished the wood in both the dining room and kitchen, bitched...

What I haven't finished in the dining room area is the dogs crates. They've torn apart their pillows and there is foam inside the crate and the immediate outside of the crates. I'm still hiding my Jeep in the garage and not answering the door. Tomorrow, I plan on doing the crates and getting my room dusted and the papers I have everywhere filed or thrown out.. Tomorrow is a holiday here in Vegas.. Nevada Day. No school, no mail and no inspection! I can get it all hammered out by tomorrow..

Now the challenge is to keep it clean. Vacuum everyday, dust once a week, pick up the crap that the boy leaves lying around. I've decided cleaning is an every day thing if I want my house clean.

Oh and why the bitching? 1)The boy leaves trash and things lying around everywhere (I even found empty soda bottles in the fireplace) 2)The dust here is horrible and makes me sneeze 3)I.HATE.CLEANING

But, as I said, the worst part of it is almost over, finally.

Now, if only I can get some orders for candles, then maybe I can start making money.


KD @ A Bit Squirrelly said...

Hang in there! I find that the more I keep up on it the easier it is! :-)

Lea said...

Thanks! I really enjoy coming home to a clean housr.

Now if I can only get the boy to clean up after himself in the living room, I think I'll be all set!