Thursday, October 8, 2009

A New Blog

I've begun a new blog, dedicated strictly to Nova. I've just finished the first entry. You can read it at Nova Leone. The pictures I've put up on the first entry most of you have seen, but there are comments included as well. It's written as if Nova herself is writing it. It was fun to do and I hope to keep it fun, informative, loving and amazing.

I also will most likely do a semi-monthly or monthly newsletter chronically her milestones and current events that are happening in the world, so that as she gets older she will know what was going on in the world as she grew up.

My only worry is that for some reason blogger may not exist at some point in the future. I'm considering when I can afford it, creating her own domain name and moving all that I have over to it. Any other suggestions that I might be able to use?

Check it out when you have time. Comments are open, so feel free to leave comments telling her how gorgeous she is! I'm hoping to keep up with it everyday, but knowing me, it may be every other day.



JoeinVegas said...

Domain names are about $12 per year to register the name, and some places give you free hosting if they register it. I use and am happy with what they do. You just have to learn more, or have some help setting it up.

Lea said...

I know a little HTML, but not sure I know enough to do a site with just HTML. I am thinking about purchasing Dreamweaver which builds sites and uses an FTP. I'll look into for sure.

Thanks Joe! Hey, when you have time, no hurry, could you do me another wordle on my main blog please? :)