Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tupperware anyone? Huh?

I'm considering selling Tupperware. I LOVE the product and believe in it, but I'm concerned with a few things.

I'm a crappy follow through kind of person. I invested money in making candles to sell, nice organic soy candles, but I haven't sold any. I make them once in a while and then I burn them here at home.

Will anyone WANT to purchase Tupperware? Follow through aside, I'm even a worse salesperson. I KNOW how to market things, yet I'm the worst salesperson in the world. Tupperware kind of sells itself I think, so perhaps the salesperson thing might not be a hindrance, however following through on things will be.

So, some questions... Would anyone here be interested in buying Tupperware, should I decide to become a seller of it? Would anyone blog about it? Maybe have an online party for me? Would you ask me for a catalog? Would you help me while helping you (cause Tupperware is really cool, I really DO like it and think it's better than Rubbermaid even and it's always great to have storage containers for left over food and other things to help you in the kitchen)?

I really need to find a way to make some extra money, which wouldn't be "extra" really, because my outgoing money each month is always more than my incoming money each month and I'm forever paying overdraft fees, so really extra isn't what it would be but it might save me from those overdraft fees.

Suggestions please... some ideas on how to get the word out (should I do this and IF I do it, it would not be till next month probably) Do I offer freebies for blogging about me selling Tupperware? Do I offer giveaways if someone online purchases something from me, because you blogged about it? And even better giveaway, if someone holds an online (or if in Vegas, real time) party because one of you blogged about it? (And I know I need to be way more disciplined and vigilant when it comes to following through with things, especially when it is hopefully making me money)

Send me your ideas, your suggestions, your thoughts... everything will be considered. Help me with coming up with new and innovated ways to hopefully make this venture into a successful one, should I decide to go forth with it.

Anyone, please?


Solanaceae said...

I could write an entire blog post on why NOT to do ANY MLM. I know, sounds harsh but I’m entitled to my opinion. TW is an MLM no matter what anyone says, no different than Mary Kay, Amway, etc. The thing about any of them is that the people who claim to be making all kinds of money never seems willing or able to prove that they are actually making any PROFIT (notice I said profit and not money) at all. And before ANYONE yells at me I have sold MK, Avon and was briefly involved in Network 21/Amway by virtue of trying to help a family member that had gotten in way over their head. The only people who make profit are those who recruit period end of it and of those who recruit you have to have massive down lines who also recruit.

I like TW, I own some TW but truth be told I only own it because it was being sold as a fund raiser for a sister of a friend with a very sick kid. I think back then I paid something like $20.00 for a set of 4 plastic tumblers but it didn’t bother me because I was doing it to help a friend out but 2 Tinkerbelle tumblers for $20.00? I can get virtually the same exact thing at Target for $5.00 a piece. $34.00 for the cake taker I can purchase for $20.00 at Walmart? I guess what I am saying is beyond MLMs being just a bad idea, TW really doesn’t have anything I can’t find for less money at my local discount store and that’s bad business in any economy let alone a slow one.

IMHO get your behind in gear and go back to the handmade soy candles. Make them with lead free wicks and you have a small gold mine if you market it correctly! Because of our bird I only burn soy, lead free candles made with essential oils and I have paid as much as $25.00 for a small jar candle because they are so hard to find!

Solanaceae said...

Oh and I assume it goes without saying that I said all of that with lots and lots of love for you and not because I am a negative know it all biotch!

Lea said...

Taken only with the love you sent it! You may be very correct on how people profit with Tupperware, yet I'm still tempted to TRY it at least - if not only to get cheap Tupperware, to give me something else to do.

As for the candles, they are far more expensive to do then they are worth it. Between my time making them and money, I can't make any money selling them. Not sure if the wicks are lead free, I'll see if I can find out, I believe they are but not positive.

I'll try and make some before Christmas and send you a few if I can.

Lea said...

Oh and my daughter in law suggested Pampered Chef, but I looked into that and well, it's VERY expensive and lasts a good long long time so other than MAYBE making some money initially, I'm not sure how you continue to make money with that if nothing ever needs to be replaced!

Who knows.