Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where the hell has Lea been?

Oh, did you miss me?

I'm around.

The internet.

I've become addicted to this stupid game, Mobsters. And if that isn't bad enough...

I've found a chat room full of other Mobster addicts. Oh yeah, memories of days gone by when I was hours and hours on AOL.

What else have I done?


I vaccumed half the hallway, till the belt on the vaccum broke for the 12th time AGAIN!!! And instead of putting on another belt (which is a bitch to do)I came to my computer and chatted online in the chat room for 6 hours. 6 HOURS. Don't ask me what I spoke about, because I have no clue.

What else didn't I do..

Put my new weight bench together. Work out on the Wii. Clean the kitchen. Take a shower.. you get the idea, right? Thought so.

I'm still dealing with Chances rages, though the last few days have been pleasant enough. He even took out the trash, the first time I asked him to today.

Tess on the other hand, while she's a good kid, there are things she needs to do to be a responsible adult (since she insists she is an adult, the day she turned 18)and for the life of me, I cannot get her to do these things..

Study for the drivers exam that she has failed 6 times.
Call FAFSA and check to see about grants for college.
Call the college and find out when she is to register.
Call the college and also find out about grants she may be eligible for.
Clean the damn cat box every day so I don't have to smell it. (I throw up when I clean it and nearly throw up just smelling it)
and the worse thing..


I refuse to housetrain it. It's her dog. My two are housetrained, though they are also large and outside most the time (till it's too hot here, since one is a siberian husky, a snow dog and the other is siberian husky/border collie mix, then they will be in the house more than out, but still they are housetrained)
Yes, I have threatened to get rid of her dog, though it breaks my heart, it IS being neglected, unless I take it out of her room and let it follow me around the house, but the damn thing shits in my living room. After threatening her one last time, to her credit, she has been picking up the shit right away and spraying vinegar/water to take away the smell, but dammit, that dog should be going outside and she is too lazy to sit out there for 10 minutes while it does it's business. Every once in a while I will take it outside, because I feel bad for her, locked in Tessa's room all day, but I can't always do this, as I am not always home either... it's a viscous cycle.

And one last thing.. ok, two last things....

I colored my hair dark. No, you can't see it. I have culture shock everytime I look at it and am thinking of putting some blond highlights in it.

I'm thinking about doing away with Monday Giveaway, since I seem to not be able to send out the winnings.. this week it's mostly because I am broke that they haven't gone out yet... though I do have to go to Walmart tomorrow, after the gas guy comes sometime (it's an all day appointment, they shut my gas off yesterday for non payment, I just forgot to pay it) so maybe I will remember to pick up the packing stuff I need to send out the winnings...

Sometimes, I'm such a loser.

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JoeinVegas said...

Sounds like the puppy would have a better life somewhere else, other than locked in her room.