Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Now what baby contest

Now What baby is having some great giveaways. I just LOVE the pink backpack, which would go perfect for my DIL and my first grandchild! They are by Barn Dandys.
The next giveaway are onsies. I LOVE the girl personalized onsie and would love to give this to my new grandbaby too! Made by Dlybug... SO CUTE!
The next giveaway from Now What baby are educational toys. My favorite one is Fishy Fascination. It's so cute and would provide loads of fun for my granddaughter. Fun and Function makes these awesome toys!
Manuella makes all different items, but my favorite is the pink striped hat and booties!
Last but not least, Skeanie makes various shoes. My favorites are the Luxurious Cream Boots. They would look SO cute on my grandaughters feet!

Go check out Now what Baby and enter their contests! Or don't, since that will give me more chance to win!

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