Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm WHAT???

The girl called me a Cougar. Ha!

My neighbor moved back into the house he lived in when I first moved into my house. He's adorable and sweet. We will call him Tattoo guy for now. He's 30. He's been married twice neither worked out at all.

So the other night he invited me over for a drink. Milk please! Sometime during the night we made out. Yum. He's 14 years younger than me. I know, right! Can you say, YUMMY!!

I don't know about having a relationship with him, but I'd sure like to make out with him again. I felt so young...

However, like Tim, he doesn't usually like heavy women, but unlike Tim, he said he was fascinated with me and doesn't mind my weight. Nice, right?

He's coming over later to fix my vacuum since it all of the sudden DIED! I finally decide to clean my house and the stupid thing dies.

Maybe I am a cougar. I do like younger men. Though 30 is the youngest I've ever been with. And he is only 5 years older than my son...

But hey, if my beloved gram while she was alive could be with someone 20 years younger than her (he was my fathers age)then so I can. After all, I always wanted to be like her. Bah.



Solanaceae said...

I don't get the whole cougar thing but whatever. I say if it's fun, it's fun and that should be that. Unless you're my 9th grade math teacher... Dude you were a brownie hound & that was gross.

The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

You go girl !!!!

Lea said...

Sol: Brownie hound??? huh?

Girl: Hahaha... I'm going for it!

Solanaceae said...

When I was a teenager we called lecherous old men that oogled young girls brownie hounds. Anyone over 20 was a total brownie hound back then. It was also in The Breakfast Club and now it's here

JoeinVegas said...

Ho, you need a nice Zack Efron 18 year old.

Hey - maybe one of your daughter's classmates?