Friday, March 6, 2009

This blog

When I began this blog, I certainly had no thoughts that it would turn out to be, what it has been. I didn't expect others to read me, well, ok maybe a few people, though I had no clue how they would find me.

I didn't set out to make money from it, as you can see there are no actual ad's on my site. I needed a place to document my life, for my kids, my grandkids etc. I intend eventually to print everything out, plus go through the other blog I use to post on and my diaries from the age of 11 that are all written down and either somehow put them in a type of book for those of my family who have not lived my life.

I really thought I would hold back a bit, but have found that this blog has become one of heart hurt, soul searching and trying to find who I really am. Thankfully, I've never been one to be shy or concerned what others think of me, or some of the stuff I've written would have been censored and that is the last thing I want to do.

I'm not witty, but I can make a joke when needed, I'm not school smart, but I could survive on the streets if need be. I don't draw people in like some blogs, in order to make money (they will remain nameless though I'm sure most know who I am talking about) I do this for me and if you have come along for the ride, well God bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's been one roller coaster after another, yet I still seem to find the end of the tunnel, somehow..

I didn't set out to do giveaways and product reviews, but for some reason that's what I am doing and I really like doing it.

I certainly didn't think I would be sharing some of my biggest fears here, but I've also shared some of my biggest hopes as well.

I have no idea if anyone gets anything from my writings, if they help others or even if I am always being as insitful as I could be.

This blog has turned out to be my actual lifeline, due to a few people here that are consistently there, by my side, cheering me on...

No matter where this blog goes from now, no matter what happens, you all must be thanked and know that your support has kept me from walking off that edge of insanity.

Thank you.

This truly is, life, in the fast lane.


annie kelleher said...

sometimes it just helps to know someone is listening. i hope you will continue to share your ramblings for a long time to come... hope your dad continues to improve. sending you hugs... annie

lisa lind said...

i agree with annie- sometimes just knowing someone cares enough to read our thoughts and emotions is enough...and then too, when they take the time to comment, we feel our sharings are validated. We all have to walk through this world- isn't it great to be able to do it together? hugs for you, my new friend. :o)