Monday, February 16, 2009

Winner of the Skoys

Usually, winners of my contests need to contact me by Monday noon. I do this so that I can get things packed up and addressed, etc.. and then I can ship out on Weds.

Only one winner has sent me their address. Because I was late in getting out the winners names, I am giving the other 4 people (which I've reposted below) till tomorrow, Tuesday 7pm. I will pick new winners, should those who have won do not contact me by then.

In the future, I am changing the time to contact me by. It will remain on Mondays, however since many folks work and only have access to a computer at home, I'm changing the time to notify me. It will now be Mondays at 7pm. So, you have from sometime on Saturday, all day Sunday and till 7pm on Mondays to contact me with your mailing address.

The other four addresses that I need are:
Andrea V
Thanks to all of you for participating! New giveaway going up in moments!

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