Saturday, January 31, 2009


I think I just met the most amazing man. I met him last night while out (finally) singing karaoke. He came home with me - now get your mind out of the gutter, nothing happened... we talked all night and day, about all kinds of things, the bible and what it says, he can quote so many things from the bible I was amazed.

We did kiss and let me tell you, it's been a LONG time since I've kissed a man and whew, he's an amazing kisser too!! He's still here, but sound asleep in my bed LOL I'd go to sleep to, but I have to wait to see if the girl needs a ride home at 830...

We talked a lot at the bar, he's been pinning after this woman for about a month now, he moved her out here from Texas, only to have her up and leave him for a friend of his... but he kept saying he wanted her back. I finally asked him why? She used you, treated you like shit, dumped you after all you did for her and you want to be with her? He thought about it for a while and somewhere in his mind he came to the conclusion that he was being a fool for pinning after her, after all she did to him. She must have called 50 times last night and then finally told him fuck you.

Not sure what's going to happen. I really feel a connection to this man and he said that he felt one with me (I didn't tell him how I felt though). He turned his phone off today cause it kept ringing, then he checked his voice mail and told me that she had called, again telling him fuck you and he said, he was done with her. So, I'm staying guarded for now, though I really think him and I would be good together, I'm not going to open up that much to him, not yet.

It's been a long long time since I've felt a connection like this with a man and I'm a little`scared and hesitant, yet also a bit excited. He offered that he was through with the other girl, without any prompting from me, but I just don't know.. I asked him when he wanted to go home and he said, when do you want me to and I wanted to say, "never" but I just said, when ever you would like to... he said, he wanted to stay the night with me and go home tomorrow before church.

Uh.. he just woke up and was having trouble getting out of bed, kind of comical, except I know how he feels, cause I'm exhausted too and now he is out in the living room with Chance for some odd reason..

I really hope that he meant the things he said to me today and during the night. He said, have faith in him, so I think that for once in many years, I am going to have faith in a man (and believe me this man is a gentleman all around, he could spoil me silly)I'm going to see what happens and pray that I don't get entangled with this wonderful man, only to be hurt again... cause then... well, I'm done. I'll just grow old single, take care of my kids then my grandkids and then maybe great grandkids and just not worry about being with anyone again. Hell, I've been alone for so many years now as it is, what's the rest of my life?

But, just in case, send positive thoughts that this man is really serious about wanting to be with me, please?

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Cool! Good luck!