Thursday, January 8, 2009


*102nd thing you might not know about me: I spent 6 weeks in Israel, Lebanon and Egypt when I was 12* (more about that another time, plus some other travels)

The girl and I went to look at furniture the other day. I decided that I wanted a new couch and maybe a loveseat. What we had was 3rd generation hand me downs, that had huge holes in them, the arm on one side was all wood from the cats clawing it and frankly it was the most uncomfortable sectional in the whole world.

I decided that I wasn't going cheap. They fall apart to fast. I knew what my limit was and was going to stick to it, but I wasn't going to one of those cheap furniture places either. So we went to this place down the street that always has sales going on. Their furniture is very modern and chic, which isn't quite me. I'm more woodsy kind of old fashion actually, but sometimes I do like the modern things...

In this store, there are steps all over, with caution signs above them all. I noticed this, I paid attention to them as we walked around looking at different couches, sitting on them, trying them out... and then..

Across the room I saw it. A black leather couch, with fabric cushions that were white with black weaved into them. The back pillows are also fabric (I don't like those couches that have a ton of pillows on the back of them, these just had 2 regular pillows) plus the couch and loveseat had two black fabric pillows on each end too. I got excited. I pointed them out to the girl as I made my way as quickly as possible, not paying attention to anything, just keeping my eye on those couches thinking if I took my eye off of them they'd somehow disappear...

And then it happened.

A stair. My left foot (which is the one and only bone I've ever broken and which I live in chronic pain from it as it didn't heal like it should have)hit the floor, twisted around and knocked me on my ass. Totally my fault, I knew that there was a stair here and there in the store, I had seen the caution signs, but that couch mesmerized me! I could barely walk. I limped my way over to the couches and sat down and fell in love with the couches.

The next day I had already an appointment with my pain management doctor and when I showed him my foot, which was swollen and bruised, he was not pleased. I didn't break it again, but he found a hairline fracture. I still was limping and he's given me the choice of putting my boot back on (the one I wore for 3 months when I first broke it) or not. He said it would heal either way. But, instead of seeing him again in a month, I have to see him again in 2 weeks. Not just because of the fracture, but the nerostimulator that is implanted in me, isn't working right. I have 2 wires in the middle of my back, one on each side of my spine and they have somehow moved (of course, this is a rare thing and it would happen to me) the right one is kind of crooked and moved over to the left side, the left one has fallen down a bit... so if we can't get the machine to work right in 2 weeks, I will have to have surgery again. NOT looking forward to that at all...

Oh the couches? I bought them. Went about 200$ above my budget, but they are awesome and make my living room look like a different living room all together. (I'll take a picture in the next couple of days and post it) I also bought this spray stuff from the pet store to keep the cats from scratching on them. The only thing is, the cushions are predominately white and I keep freaking out about the boy and his friend sitting on them. I've noticed some dirt already which has me upset and I keep telling him he can't eat on them and now I've told him he can't even sit on them! I'm hoping that I can wash the cushions. I just wanted something nice, something that lasted, something I could be proud of when someone comes over... so, I've become a bit obsessive over the whole couch stuff...

Oh and I finally found a Wii!! It took me 3 weeks. I called Walmart the other morning early early and asked if they had any in yet and the guy said, yes, we have one. I begged him to hold it for me that I'd be there in 5 minutes and he did!! And I've just found a Wii Fit on eBay, I'm so excited! Hopefully, I'll get a chance to play with my Wii, since it seems to have been taken over by the boy and his friend. I want to say to him.. go play your XBox! His brother bought him XBox live for Christmas, so you would think he'd play that instead of my Wii!!

Yeah, I know.. I'm a bit stingy when I get things. I just know how hard the boy is on things and things get broken all the time by him. I'm considering putting a ban on the couches and Wii... or maybe bringing my Wii into my room... heh, sometimes I can be such a child. But hey, I have a fractured foot that hurts and so I should get to play my Wii whenever I want to.


JoeinVegas said...

Oh, positive and negative in the same store.
The kid? Yes, ban from the couch, only way to make it last. And you should probably get some of that fabric protector spray, it works fairly well on pillows and things you don't wash, especially with the white.
Cats? I thought you left the cats with dad?

Lea said...

I've banned him from the couch, but it also means I have to go in there all the time and tell him to get off of it... he was born to push me over the edge to complete insanity.

I'll look into the fabric spray protector, thank you!!

The cats... are mine. I have cats too. I have dogs and at one time we had 6 ferrets... now we have 3 dogs and ahem...5 cats. The spray to keep them from scratching is working really good, but I'm also going tomorrow to get the spray to keep them OFF the couches too. Well, only two of them get on the couches, the 8 year old balding male cat that weighs 30 pounds and our only female one who is real petite and ahem again.. err.. pregnant. NO MORE after this!