Monday, January 19, 2009

Product review and My very first giveaway!

Dot girls products has graciously sent me samples of their Dot Girls First Period Kit.

How I wish I'd have had something like this when I was a girl and had my first period. There is a ton of wonderful information, to help a girl when she experiences a part of growing up. Seriously, this kit is informative and very well put together for the girls.

The Dot Girl's First Period Kit™ includes the following items:

* The Dot Girl's First Period Guide™, a 12-page booklet with answers to common questions
* The Dot Girl's Period Calendar™, a simple way for a girl to track her periods
* One Ultra Thin Kotex® Pad With Wings upgraded item
* Two Kotex® Lightdays® Panty Liners upgraded item
* Kotex® product brochure (product claims only valid within the U.S.) new item
* One store coupon for FREE Kotex® products -a $4.39 value (valid only within the U.S.) new item
* Reusable Dot Girl™ Warm Pad, a heating pad handy for soothing cramps upgraded item
* Scensibles™ Petite Pak (3 disposal bags inside) new item
* Hand Wipes

The kit is very easy to understand, geared towards the young girl, though I would suggest that her mother sits down with her and goes through the kit, in case of course she has any questions.

Buy it: The Dot Girls First Period Kit is available at Dot Girl and retails for $23.99.

But wouldn't it be awesome to WIN IT??? And you get to choose which color you would like, blue or pink. Both come with the same wonderful items. .

Ok, so how do you win it, your asking... well, I promised not to make people go through a ton of hoops to win any of my giveaways. I do ask that you visit Dot Girls site, to see what other products they carry. And if you do so, you may leave me a comment regarding what product(s) you would like from Dot Girl. No, you do not have to tell me your favorite item from their site...But if you do, you get an extra entry, make sure you leave me a comment.

The rules:
Comment on this blog, letting me know which color, pink or blue. For one entry.
Blog on your blogger about this contest, with a link back to my blog and leave me a comment with the actual post (not to your main blog but to the actual post so that I may find it, otherwise that entry will have to be disqualified) for another entry.
Twitter this giveaway, leave me a comment, on my blog and the URL to your tweet, for another entry.
Follow me (you can find that over there -----> on my side bar, for another entry.
Add my button (also over there ----->) for one more entry. You can even follow me on Twitter, comment here and I'll even give you another entry.

I will also give another entry to those that let me know if this is too many rules for a giveaway, if I should stick with these and/or if you might have some suggestions of how to do my giveaways different. I personally hate having to jump through a ton of rules and am hoping these are not too much and to tedious, however, every thing that you do, do please let a separate comment, which will give you a better chance of winning..

If you do all of the above, you have the chance to have 8 entries and 8 chances to win this great product!

Good luck to you all. If I can figure out how that random number picker works I'll be using that. If I can't figure it out, I will ask the girl to pick a number between 1 and whichever number comments they end at.

I will announce the winner Weds early evening. It is your responsibility to contact me, preferably by email (wisprnsoul @ cox dot net) with your shipping address, by Friday no later than noon. If you do not contact me, I will chose another winner, so please do contact me should you win!

I'm sorry that at this time, I am not able to ship to Canada, but hopefully in the future I can offer my giveaways to those who live in Canada.

Thanks and good luck!


annie kelleher said...

aw, the days i have to worry about a girl having her first period are over... thank you goddess!!! ... but what a great idea!!!

DiPaola Momma said...

Stopping by from SITS this morning since you left a great teaser for a contest.. Happy first give away:D This one would be great for my 9 year old daughter who is getting close to "that time". Boy they seem to get older way to fast. I think she'd really like this and it's a great mom/daughter conversation starter. My girl is all about Pink.

Have fun with the give away and thanks for the chance to win..I so love free things ;-)

Janelle said...

We're getting close to needing something like this - great giveaway! I would pick the pink one. :-)

Thanks for the chance to win! Now I'll see about some more entries!

Janelle said...

Blogged about it:

Janelle said...


Janelle said...

I'm following you! :-)

Janelle said...

I added your button to my collection:

Janelle said...

I'm following you on Twitter as JanelleKC. :)

Shel said...

I visited the Dot Girls site and I have to say, I'm interested in that book "Let's Talk About S-E-X". My daughter is 12 and I'm sure we're almost due for that first period and "the talk" (oh boy, are we ever...she's like a mini bear sometimes). Every time I try to talk to her about anything remotely having to do with womanhood and S-E-X, I got "Oh MOM".

shel704 at aol dot com

Shel said...

I'd love the blue if I daughter's favorite color is blue.

shel704 at aol dot com

Shel said...

I'm now following your blog

Shel said...

I also added your button on my blog

Shel said...

I tweeted:

Shel said...

I'm following you on twitter

Shel said...

As far as your giveaway rules, I don't think there are too many at all. I'm really glad NOT to see extra entries for Technorati and Stumble or Digg. I have accounts at those sites but I really don't use them for anything except adding extra entries when I see a giveaway.

I think the most important thing for any giveaway is having a lot of people enter which means getting the word out. Twitter is HUGE in that regard. The only thing I would suggest is allowing posters daily "tweets" to drive more traffic here. Another suggestion is Facebook. Almost everyone I know uses Facebook and posting a URL on a Facebook page and getting your friends to enter too is a good medium to drive traffic to your giveaway.

In addition, making things easy for your posters is important to me. I appreciate bloggers who add the links for their Twitter ID and show me (like you did) where to find your "followers" button or your RSS feed link. If the link is embedded right in the post, I love that! No having to search the sidebar for what I'm looking for to sign up. Many times I bypass an extra entry when I can't FIND it (like button codes that are on other pages of the site). If everything is right in the post, I can do it right away.

Great giveaway by the way..thank you!