Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My 100th post

Apparently, there's some sort of thing that people do when they reach their 100th post, at least that's what I've noticed on many of the blogs I read. They write 100 things about themselves that their readers may not know about them...

I tend to blog just about everything, so I don't know what my bloggyland readers know and don't know about me and I could just forget doing it all together, however for some reason I feel like doing it. This could take all day long, but what the hell, at the very worst, you'll learn things about me that you probably don't need to or want to know (and probably will think poorly of me for some of them).. at the very best, I might learn things about me that I've forgotten or haven't realized yet..also, they aren't going to be in any sort of order, I'll probably jump around but will do my best to put my ages so it can sort of be understood... so, here goes.

1) I love Harley's, especially when I get to ride with the wind on my knees.
2) I have 10 tattoo's, most all of them designed by me. The one on my neck is the dove of peace, in some clouds. My oldest boy has the same one on his elbow. We got them together.
3) I am currently designing my 11th and 12th tattoo's with the hopes of getting at least one in the next week or so.
4) I was born with blond curly hair.
5) My mother dressed me as raggedy ann one year for Halloween with all that curly hair.
6) My hair got darker as I got older and with the help of chemicals, it's back to blond.
7) I began coloring my hair when I was 14. The first time it was strawberry blond
8) When I was 17, people told me I looked like a young Ann Margaret.
9) I met who would be my one and only husband when I was 16.
10) I married my one and only husband when I was 19, I was 3 months pregnant with my oldest child.
11) I divorced my one and only husband when I was 21.
12) I began doing a lot (and I mean a lot) of drugs during my bitter divorce. My drugs of choice then was Meth and Cocaine.
13) I lost custody of my baby boy as a direct result of all the drugs I was doing, as well as a lying soon to be ex husband.
14) I entered a treatment hospital to get off of said drugs at the age of 22, for 33 days and have been clean 22 years this Feb 15th.
15) I grew up friends with Gina, Annette Funicello's oldest daughter.
16) I lived down the street from the Jackson family and went to school with Janet Jackson, though she was 2 years behind me.
17) At 15 I was an extra in a movie called "Last Married Couple in America" starring, Robert Wagner, Natalie Wood (her last movie) and George Segal (I think that is his name). I've also been in a few of the old Battlestar Galactica series.
18) I've never remarried, though I received 5 marriage proposals, not counting my first one that I did marry.
19) Even though I never remarried, I had 2 more beautiful children.
20) I've raised both children on my own, but for a 2 year time when my boys father lived with us.
21) He moved out the week the boy was born.
22) The boys father owes me 47+ thousand dollars in back child support.
23) The girls father owes me 21+ thousand dollars in back child support.
24) The girls father beat me, verbally and mentally abused me for 3 years, including while I was pregnant with her.
25) Because of one brutal beating, the girl turned herself around and was a breech baby, causing me to have a c-section.
26) Because of the brutal beatings I took, I was told to never get pregnant again, that it could kill me and the baby.
27) I didn't listen and got pregnant again with the boy.
28) When he was a week old, they thought I was going to have a stroke and I was put into the hospital for a week.
29) A week after that I contracted some type of infection that put me back into the hospital for another 2 weeks.
30) Even though we missed out on that early bonding, the boy and I are very close, he is by all accounts, a mama's boy.
31) My stepmother beat me repeatedly from the age of 8 till 11 when I finally began fighting back and she took some beatings from me.
32) My father was once very successful and wealthy. He and his wife pissed that money away, gambling and other things.
33) From the age of 8 till 16, we spent 2 weeks each summer in Hawaii.
34) At the age of 18, while living with the man who would become my one and only husband, he cheated on me and I moved to Hawaii for almost a year.
36) I was married in Midland/Odessa Texas. None of my family or his came.
37) My oldest boy is married. I love my daughter in law like she was my own child and they are talking about starting a family this year. I can't wait to be a grandmother!
38) My ex and I moved back to California about 4 months after getting married and my father gave us a huge reception.
39) My oldest boy (who is 24) was born in Martinez, California.
40) The girl (who is almost 18) was born in Van Nuys, California.
41) My baby boy (who is 13) was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.
42) Though not easy to tell, I am borderline genius and teeter sometimes on the side of insanity. Thus my odd ramblings at times. Thank you, Bipolar disease.
43) Very simple things elude me.
45) I once actually asked someone who told me that it was going to snow... "From the sky?". I was totally serious.(we were in PA at the time) A little old lady who wrote a small column in a local PA paper wrote about me saying that and a few other things. I still have the clipping, maybe one day I'll scan it and share it.
46) When the boy was 2, I woke up one morning, packed our house up (in Vegas) and moved to PA a week later, not knowing anyone or where we would live and winding up in a little town called Hermanie, near Pittsburgh, PA.
47) 9 months after moving to PA, we moved to Lynchburg, Va for 2 miserable months.
48) While in VA, I had an interview over the phone for a job in New Jersey and was hired.
49) We moved to a beautiful little artsy town called Lambertville, NJ.
50) We lived right on the Delaware River and often crossed the bridge to another little artsy town called New Hope, PA which I loved to visit.
51) For Halloween at the age of 10 I wanted to be a record. Mother made me a cardboard record album as a Helen Ready Album.
52) I have been in love with Jackson Browne since I was 12 years old.
53) I read The Prophet for the first time at 12.
54) I lost my beloved Papa, the only grandfather I ever had (mothers father passed when she was 3) at the age of 7. I remember exactly where I was when mother told me.
55) I lost my beloved grandmother in 2005 to cancer. She was the one who pretty much raised me and was the most incredible woman I've ever known. I hope that I am half as incredible as she was.
56)While living in PA,VA and NJ I had an affair with a married man. Not something I'm proud of, having been the one being cheated on more than once, I should have known better, since...
57) At the age of 33, I also had an affair with a 63 year old married man and had to call it off, when he decided he was going to leave his wife for me. Not proud of this either, but the affair was based a lot on money that he would give me. I did what I did as a single mother who was struggling financially and he helped me out. I know what I did was wrong and since the second affair, I've never done it again and have no intentions of ever doing it again.
58) Mother kicked me out of the house when I was 13 for stealing 4 dollars from her purse. That apparently was the last straw for her.
59) I lived with my father and his wife for about 6 months after that, till I couldn't take it anymore and moved into the neighbors home next door.
60) Mother let me move back in with her when I was 17. That lasted a week, when I broke curfew and some dude called at 130am waking mother up and having her find that I broke curfew, so she kicked me out again.
61) Though I was dating my one and only husband, I moved in with the dude that called that night. I had no other place to go, but I only stayed a week since he wanted me to sleep with his friends.
62) After leaving the dudes house, I lived in my car for 6 months. My one and only husband lived with his parents still so I couldn't live with him.
63) Tired of living in the car, I begged my grandmother for some money to rent a small room right off of Van Nuys Blvd.
64) I met my one and only husband, while cruising Van Nuys Blvd.
65) I use to take Thorazine for fun.
66) I did acid, heroin and mushrooms often in my teen years.
67) My favorite TV shows are ER, Greys Anatomy and some odd reality shows. I'm also a news junkie, watching CNN and Headline News for hours can keep me entertained.
69) I was on some form of birth control, each of the 4 times I got pregnant.
70) I had a miscarriage between my oldest boy and the girl.
71) I drove cross country, from NJ to NV 4 times one summer, just because I love to travel.
72) I took different routes each time. Though I was stuck in Fort Leavenworth, KS once for 3 days, but it felt more like 3 years.
73) The boy has seen/been in almost every state there is.
74) I love a little town called Glenwood, in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
75) I was in a horrific car accident at 19, when my ex husband fell asleep at the wheel, over corrected and rolled the truck. I was asleep, thrown through the back windshield, hit the Harley, the tailgate and spun around the desert just outside of Deming, New Mexico. No bones were broken, though they originally thought my neck was broken and didn't have the right equipment so they sent me to Las Cruces, New Mexico for treatment. I was in the hospital about a week, coming out of it with some nasty cuts and road rash, but no broken bones.
76) I broke my first bone at the age of 40, at a Casino. It was the Hotel/Casino's fault, but I got screwed in the settlement. I now live with chronic pain in my foot and a nerostimulator implanted in my back.
77) I have piercings, not just in my ears.
78) I LOVE the snow.
79) I read a lot of books, usually 2 to 3 at a time.
80) I use to be an escort for oriental men. Good money, weird profession.
81) I helped put together at least 10 of the Indian Casinos that exist. Designing logos for table games and chips and selling them all their equipment.
82) I once bought a triple wide mobile home and lost it in foreclosure. I've never owned another home again.
83) I love country music, but also love old rock and roll.
84) I use to go to headbanging concerts, like Metallica and Slayer, with the girls father. The first time I saw a mosh pit, I thought that a fight had broken out. Duh.
85) I believe in random acts of kindness and attempt to do them as much as I can. I also believe that you don't tell anyone of these random acts, or it cancels them out and you sound like a braggart.
86) I'm a published writer. I was the only heterosexual writer for a gay magazine here in Vegas. I loved it.
87) I smoke way to much.
88) I use to have lots of one night stands. Nowadays I'm too afraid to do things like that, fear of diseases.
89) I had a nervous breakdown after 9/11 and moved back to NV 3 weeks after the attacks.
90) I lost 3 friends when the first tower fell.
91) My father had his first triple bypass at the age of 40. Everyone got drunk during the operation, except me. I was then accused by his wife of not caring about him, because I didn't go across the street and get drunk with the rest of the family.
92)I bought my first brand new car (Jeep Cherokee Laredo) in 2006 and had my first ever car payment at 40. I paid the Jeep off last year.
93) I love karaoke and am often told I should go on American Idol. Bah. I'm too old. It took me years to sing again, after being told when I was younger, by my stepfather that I sounded like a dead cow. I get a lot of compliments on my singing and maybe had I been given encouragement I might have had a singing career.
94) I have one man that I have sex with on a regular basis, but neither one of us wants to take the relationship to a higher level. I adore this man, but can't see us being "boyfriend/girlfriend"... though we are monogamous.
95) I have one friend that I've known since I was 15. We are still friends, she lives in KY. Other than that, I have very few women friends, since I don't trust very well and I think most women compete with each other for whatever reason and I believe that women can be very brutal to each other. I also refuse to compete with women, regardless if they are a friend or not.
96) Almost every piece of clothing I own is black, though I have branched out lately to some gray and some pink.
97) I've lost 48 pounds since having the Lap Band surgery on Sept 4th. I wish it was more, but Doc says I am right on target.
98) I hate small chit chat, preferring deep intelligent discourse instead. I'm not good at small chit chat, though I seem to be getting better at it. Blogging helps to.
99) My ringtone on my phone is "Cowgirls don't cry". Though I might change it to "Gunpowder and Lead" by Miranda Lambert.
100) The girl turned me on to Pink and soon I will be singing a couple of her songs at karaoke. The boy turned me onto Rise Against, though I only like one song, called "Hero of War"... I'll post the lyrics to it later.

Whew, that's 100 things about me. Believe it or not... I can think of more things to write about... I think I'll just add a new one each time I blog, or at least try to remember too.

So, there you have it. Some of it you might have already known, though I think a lot of them you didn't know. I'm not proud of some of the things I have done, but I don't have regrets, everything is as it should be and has shaped me into the person I am today, which if I do say so myself, I'm pretty well rounded and not all together a bad person. I've learned lessons through the things I have done and apply most of them to the way I live my life now... I believe though we never stop learning about ourselves, we never stop making mistakes and learning from them and we never stop growing within.

I commend you if you've made it this far.

Happy 100th post!


lisa24n7 said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Way to go! When I get there, I'll have to do this- looks like fun. Then too, you'll see how much I related to what you wrote. Again, Happy 100!

JoeinVegas said...

Happy 100. Keep going.

Lea said...

Thank you to both of you!! I can't wait to read yours Lisa!!