Thursday, December 4, 2008

You may or may not understand this...

My grandfather passed when I was 7. When I was 9 my grandmother met a man, much younger than her and had a relationship with him for 35 years, till she passed from cancer in 2005.

My grandmother owned a million dollar condo, in Marina Del Rey, overlooking the Marina Bay. My grandfather left her a tighty sum of money, in which she invested very well and did very well for her self. Her partner, was a bit snarky, but he was the only other grandfather I knew and the only grandfather my strung out sister ever knew.

My grandmother made a will. Leaving the condo to my father and uncle, which by all rights belonged to them, as she is the one who bought it and paid the bills. In March of 2005 (she passed in Oct 2005)somehow, her partner got her to sign it over to him. In the original will, he had the right to live there for 6 months, free of charge and should he want to stay longer, he was to pay the mortgage and bills. But, the condo belonged to my father and uncle. Not anymore.

No one in the family will talk to him, but me. Why do I speak with him on a semi regular basis? Because the items, while not really worth anything monetary, in said condo, are items I grew up with, are items that were my grandfathers, before he passed. My grandfather and I were very very close.

Her partner told me that he would be leaving the condo to me and my cousin. (My sister was caught stealing pain meds from gram as she was dying and he refuses to leave anything to her).... now why am I writing this? I'm pissed beyond belief.

I called him for Thanksgiving and found out that he moved out of the condo, is renting it and.. AND is going to sell it. I'm flamed. His mothers husband just died and he stands to inherit 32 million dollars when his mother dies. He is in Florida now...

I asked about the items in the condo and he said they were all boxed up and in storage in Florida. He said, when he dies, they will all come to me and I get to disperse them to the family. I don't believe him. These are items that I grew up with, they are very important to me... and I asked him if would send me some of the stuff now, he refused. "You'll get it when I die"

For some reason (gee, I wonder why)I don't believe him. IF he leaves that stuff to his sister, I am going to hire a lawyer and see what I can do.. it was never his stuff, it belongs to my family..

I'm pissed...


Mama Dawg said...

Blech. So sorry. That sucks.

Lea said...

Thanks. It does suck, considering he has no children and always said I was his real grandchild... plus my gram was not only the most awesome person in the world, she pretty much raised me till I was about 14.. even after that, she was always there for me and the only one in the family I could never say no to.

Maybe, just maybe he'll get a conscious and really leave those things to me. (no money value, all sentimental)