Friday, December 12, 2008

Snow, in Vegas?

It's supposed to snow this weekend or Monday. Snow! In Vegas proper! There's snow on the mountain, Mt. Charleston.. but snow in the city? Very rare. I can't wait to see it and hope that it sticks.

I think I might take a drive by myself, up to the mountain this weekend and take a few shots for Sarcastic Mom who usually holds a weekly photo contest, though if you read her sad post today, I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't do it this week. I need a few hours alone so it won't be a wasted trip.

I'm hoping the kids will help bring out my large blow up Santa's and see if they don't have any holes (cross your fingers they don't) so I can put them up this weekend too and since I got a new metal ladder, I can probably climb it and put the lights up myself. (last year I had a wooden ladder that was not sturdy and I wouldn't climb it.. the boy of course didn't mind doing it)I'll put them up and the boy can take them down months later! When finished I'll post some pictures, either on photo Friday or on the following Sunday for Sarcastic Mom's contest. (I really want to win a couple of contests before Christmas, since I could really really use the prizes for my kids this year. I'm entering every contest that I can find!)

On Friday's I usually go out and sing karaoke, but since it's my good friend Glen's birthday tomorrow, I'm going to go out tomorrow night instead. So, tonight I'm going to curl up with my book I'm reading "The Shack" (book review when finished) and put a dent into it.

This has been a long week and Christmas is just around the corner. One more week of school, then 2 weeks off, which means I don't have to get up at 6am for 2 full weeks!! Whew, I can't wait to be able to sleep in till 8 or 9!

Plus having the kids home means lots of cleaning and organizing. Next month I am hoping to buy a shelving unit from Ikea and some storage stuff from The Container Store and organize all my candle making and jewelry making stuff. And of course after the first of the year, I'll be holding my giveaway. Sorry it's not in time for Christmas, but it'll be a late Christmas present!

Enough for tonight...

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