Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Political commercials...

I am being bombarded on a state and national level of campaign commercial ads and I've quickly tired of it. I've not seen ONE positive commercial, all negative. Perhaps, I wouldn't be so turned off by it all if instead of trying to one up the other candidate (regardless if it's for the presidency, senator or whatever it is) they speak about the issues and how they will solve the economic problem (for lack of a better word) we are having. How will they help all those who are losing their homes to foreclosures, or how they will solve our healthcare crisis and what about taxes, who's taxes are they really going to raise and who will really get tax cuts and who will it really affect? Me, you? Everyone and anyone?

I'm pretty sure tax hikes for anyone won't affect me, being that I am on disability, but that brings up the question... will my benefits be affected? Will I have to pay more money for insurance for the kids as well as my monthly copayments for medicare? What about the housing situation, specifically mine since, well, this is of course all about me, will my rent increase? Actually, I sort of, kind of, know that answer. If my income is lowered, my rent will decrease. Yet still I can't help but be concerned about that. One year, out of the blue, housing assitance went down and my rent went up, far more than I could afford. Thankfully, I have a landlady who likes me and really doesn't want to have a vacant home, she allowed me to pay what I seemingly could afford (which, while it was lower than I was supposed to pay, it was more than I was used to paying and for that one year I couldn't keep up with any bills and 2 years later I am still trying to play catch up).

And because honestly, it truly isn't all about me, I worry about what may happen to my fathers home. They are making payments on a home that they don't even know when they will be able to return to AND they are looking for a small apartment in Scottsdale, Az. so they don't have to continue to live with his best friend (why they are doing that is beyond me, since they get to live there for free, but perhaps they know something I don't). So, they'll be making payments in rent and mortgage. How a dying man and a woman without a job can do that, befuddles me, though I guess if they "couldn't" do it, they would stay where they are and not have to do that. It's really not my business though, (nor is the fact that they were given enough money from my gram to pay off their mortgage any of my business, yet I still wonder what they were and now are, thinking).... And I also have to remember that my children, thanks to gram, have trust funds that are all in stocks and if the stock market doesn't turn around, they will have nothing when they turn 21. I pay taxes on those trust funds each year (which usually comes out of their funds), will any of this, aside from the stock markets wobbly future, effect them in the long run? Probably....

I still wish that if I must be bombarded with political campaign commercials that they, all of them, statewide as well as Obama and McCain would address the issues, rather than work so very hard at bringing down their opponents. It just seems to be a waste of money, time and brain power. It has that one small political brain cell of mine working overtime trying to come to understand far too many things for it to ever comprehend, before it explodes. Though I will say this, I know who I will be voting for... partly in memory of my beloved grandmother, who would be gleefully participating in this campaign, for this particular presidential candidate (I'm not voting on a state level since I have no clear idea about any of those running, other than the negative crap of all, I keep seeing on TV) and partly because the one I vote for is simply, in that one political brain cell that exists in me, the lessor of two evils.

Yeah, That one.

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