Friday, October 24, 2008

More mindless TV...

"Paris Hiltons, My new BFF" heh..

She has a reality type, game show type, program on MTV, to find her next BFF! WTF? Why can't I have a reality type, game show type, program to find a BFF? Not that I'd trust the winner, cause really for the most part, people just want that 15 minutes of fame and that's what they are getting on this stupid show.

Yet, I can't help but watch it, almost mesmerized by this ridiculous notion that one can find their next best friend forever on a TV reality type, game show type, program. So, what happens after she finds her BFF, does that mean there's no season two? And what happens if this new BFF has just been lying and acting differently than they normally would, just so they can become her next BFF. Is she THAT gullible? Is she THAT desperate that she has to have a TV show to find her next BFF? I gather the answer to that is, uhh.... yes.

I have no clue what she was thinking when she agreed to do this show. Or better yet, what the hell were the people who "thought up" this show were thinking? That it would bring in good ratings? Well, duh, yeah if there are millions of people like me who get lost in mindless TV.. hmm... maybe there is, though no one has ever commented on my posts about mindless TV, honestly making me feel like I am the only one who does this.

Sometimes, I just need to lose myself in crap that makes no sense and doesn't make my brain cells expand and attempt to explode. How can I be alone in this perverse thinking of actually not thinking.


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