Tuesday, October 21, 2008


As some may know..I have recently started my own business. Making and selling all natural soy candles. Due to my fathers illness and the kids and I traveling back and forth to Phx, plus trying to get the house in order for inspection, I haven't been able to make any lately. I filled the one order for 3o votive candles and sent those off last week. The lady is enjoying them and even commented on how nicely I packaged them up for her. I'm really hoping she'll be a repeat customer, even though making votive candles is a pain in the ass. I prefer making the container ones (5oz, 8oz and 9oz) plus some tealights which I'm thinking about using as samples eventually. My prices vary, but I've been doing some research on eBay and Etsy so my prices will be competitive, actually below the competition as best that I can. Which also means my one customer will be getting a better price on her votives should she choose to order more from me.

I don't seem to be all that good at marketing them, though that may be because I really haven't had the chance to breath the last month or so. I'm thinking about maybe sending samples to some of the women bloggers that I read on a consistent basis. Some have address's, some don't. The reason I am thinking about doing this, is in the hope that they will enjoy the scents and the way all natural soy candles burn (without that black soot and mostly all of the candle burns instead of leaving behind wax that won't burn any longer) and give me a plug on their blogs.

For those that don't have address's (snail mail, not email) do you think I should ask them for their address's explaining why I would like a mailing address? Or just stick with the ones who have an address listed? Do you think this may be a good way to help my business out?

I'm really at a loss on how to market these candles... any and all suggestions will be considered! Please.

To find out more about the candles I am making, please visitLea's Lights, all natural soy candles and if you would like a couple of tealight samples, please send me your name, home address and scents you typically enjoy. It may be 2 weeks or so before I can send them out, but I will.

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